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The Mossad: Israel’s Elite Spy Agency

Israel might be a tiny country, but its revered spy agency – the Mossad – is the stuff of legend. While there’s so much the Mossad has done that we don’t know about (and will probably never be revealed), the missions that have been made public are mind-blowing. From capturing Adolf Eichmann, to ending Syria’s nuclear program and helping smuggle Ethiopian Jews to Israel, there are countless reasons the Mossad is not your average intelligence agency. Find out how this Israel intelligence agency came into being, why it’s so feared and respected, and discover the role it plays in the overall security of the world’s only Jewish state. After watching the video, use the prompts below to learn more and get your students thinking.

  • Review
  • Discussion
  • Activities
  • Reflection
  • Further Learning
  1. What does Mista’aravim mean?
    • Arab Jews
    • Those who become like Arabs
    • Those who hide amongst Arabs
    • Jews from Arab lands
  2. True or false, Israel has taken upon itself the role of “defender of the Jewish people”.
  3. Which of the following are not one of the Mossad’s main objectives?
    • Neutralize military threats to the state of Israel
    • Bring justice to those who have harmed the Jewish people
    • Neutralize world leaders who are anti-Israel
    • Help Jewish refugees reach the land of Israel
  4. From which country was Adolf Eichmann abducted?
    • Germany
    • Argentina
    • United States
    • Brazil
  5. The Mossad created a diving resort on the Sudanese coast in order to bring which group of Jewish refugees to Israel?
    • Ethiopian Jews
    • Yemenite Jews
    • Iraqi Jews
    • Egyptian Jews
  1. Of the following objectives of the Mossad, which do you think is most important and why?
    • Neutralize military threats to the state of Israel
    • Bring justice to those who have harmed the Jewish people
    • Gather intelligence
    • Retaliate against the perpetrators of terror
    • Help Jewish refugees reach the land of Israel
  2. As the only Jewish state in the world, Israel has taken upon itself the role of “defender of the Jewish people”. Do you think that Israel is responsible for the security of Jews worldwide?
  3. The Mossad’s first motto is “For by stratagems, you wage war” from Proverbs 24:6. What is the meaning of this motto and how does it relate to the Mossad?
  4. “Meir Dagan, former head of the Mossad, argues that neutralizing a few major figures is often the more ethical choice because it can prevent the loss of lives of countless soldiers and civilians” (Rise and Kill First). What do you make of this argument? Does it outweigh the potential risks of targeted killing? List three reasons for, and three reasons against, targeted killing.
  1. Watch our video Capturing Eichmann: Operation Finale and utilize the attached educational resources.
  2. Watch our video Rescuing the Wandering Jew and utilize the attached educational resources.
  3. Play “spectrum” with your students. Designate one side of the room as agree and the other side as disagree. Have them stand along the spectrum where they most identify based on the following statements:
    • If a country acts in a terrorist way (intentionally attacking innocent civilians for political motives), their leader deserves to be treated as a terrorist rather than as a leader of a sovereign nation
    • Eliminating the leader of a terrorist group is the most efficient way of stopping the group
    • Targeted killings of terrorists are an efficient method of curbing terrorismAfter moving to where they most agree, students should discuss with the other students there why they chose that area and then open the conversation to the whole group to explain their stances. Students may change where they stand based on the conversation.
  4. Give your students our Kahoot on the Mossad!

This lesson does not contain reflection questions.

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