Make your classroom come alive with videos and educational resources about Israel and Judaism.

At Unpacked for Educators, our goal is to explore the Jewish story in all its complexity, intellectual depth and sophistication. We want to untangle the challenging ideas, make the key historical moments come alive, and share the fascinating disputes within Jewish history. Our goal is to help your students see that Judaism is as meaningful and relevant as ever.


As digital media is becoming more prevalent, we want to leverage this reality and partner with you in enhancing your students’ Jewish learning. Regardless of your educational philosophy, our educational films can help add texture to your students’ classroom experience.


Flipped instruction? Use these videos.

Direct instruction? Prepare with these videos.

Project Based Learning? Anchor with these videos.

Socratic seminar? Use these videos to guide a discussion.


Our vision is not to replace anything you do in the classroom. It’s to add enrichment and excitement to your classroom.

About Jerusalem U

Jerusalem U is a groundbreaking non-profit media organization for young Jews that creates purpose-driven content for an audience of smart, passionate and curious teens and young adults. Using innovative storytelling that sparks ideas, conversations and discussions, we’re re-framing the way the eternal Jewish story is being transmitted to the next generation.

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The Team

Noam Weissman

Senior Vice President of Education

Dr. Noam Weissman is the Senior Vice President of Education at Jerusalem U. He leads the education vision and implementation at Jerusalem U with a special focus on the development of meaningful content and resources for students and educators. He holds a doctorate in educational psychology from USC with a focus on curriculum design.

Elana Raskas

Education Associate

Elana Raskas is the Education Associate at Jerusalem U. She creates content for Unpacked videos, articles and educational resources. She is passionate about harnessing technology to educate young Jews across the world. She earned a master’s degree in Bible and Talmud from Yeshiva University in New York.

Ori Herrmann Resized

Ori Herrmann

Marketing Associate and Project Manager

Ori Herrmann is the Marketing Associate for education brands at Jerusalem U. He develops and implements strategies that ensure Unpacked for Educators reaches its core market of educators. Ori received a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communication Management from Ryerson University.

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