The Top 10 Most Elite Units of the IDF

Which Israeli elite military units have played an outsized role in the country’s reputation as a leader in military strength and ingenuity? We give a rundown of 10 of the best and uncover some of their most daring exploits (that we know about). After watching the video, use the prompts below to learn more and get your students thinking.

  1. Which of the following units is not part of the IDF infantry?
    • Duvdevan
    • Maglan
    • Shayetet
    • Egoz
  2. What is the name of the IDF’s canine unit?
    • Oketz
    • Tzanchanim
    • Sayeret Matkal
    • Egoz
  3. Which part of the country does the Alpinist unit train?
    • The Eilat mountains
    • Negev desert
    • Center of the country
    • The north
  4. Which unit has the longest training (of about 2 years)?
    • Maglan
    • Shaldag
    • 669
    • Alpine unit
  5. What is Sayeret Matkal’s most famous operation?
    • Airlift of Yemenite Jews
    • Operation Protective Edge
    • Disengagement from Gaza
    • Operation Entebbe
  6. Which IDF unit is both the biggest and has the most alumni enter the world of hi-tech?
    • Tank
    • Shayetet 13
    • Oketz
    • 8200
  1. The IDF draws its spirit from four sources, one being “the tradition of the Jewish people throughout their history”. What does it mean to have a Jewish military in the land of Israel for the first time in nearly 2000 years?
  2. How do you feel after learning about elite units of the IDF?
  3. If you were serving in a secret IDF unit and couldn’t tell your family or friends about what you were doing in the military, how do you think you would feel?
  4. What questions do you have after watching the video about the IDF and its various units?
  1. Watch the following videos about famous IDF operations and use the attached educational resources:
  2. Watch our film Beneath the Helmet and utilize the accompanying educational resources.
  3. Show your students an episode of the hit Israeli show Fauda (on Netflix) which covers the “Mista’arvim” unit which specializes in undercover counter-terrorism in local Arab populations. Use the show as a supplement to teach about the IDF, the major themes it faces as well as Israeli current events. Turning our students onto Israeli media gives them open access to Israeli society in an engaging and entertaining way.
  4. Give your students our Kahoot on the Top 10 Most Elite Units of the IDF!

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