Israeli Electronic Dance Music

*The following video contains censored profanity. 

In this video, Chloé takes viewers into the world of Israeli EDM (electronic dance music). Although EDM may sound like just another genre of music, this video explains how the Israeli EDM scene has actually given Israelis of various backgrounds the opportunity to express themselves creatively, embrace vulnerability and ultimately express their Zionism. In fact, Chloé makes the argument that the Israeli EDM scene helps express one of the most significant ideals of Zionism: self-determination.

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  1. Approximately, how many post-army Israelis travel the world each year?
    • 3,000
    • 40,000
    • 80,000
    • 10,000
  2. What decade can the evolution of Israeli EDM be tracked to?
    • 1970s
    • 2000s
    • 1980s
    • 2010s
  3. Which Israeli group is one of the most popular EDM groups in the world?
    • Infected Mushroom
    • Avicii
    • David Guetta
    • Hadag Nachash
  4. What city was instrumental in helping cultivate the EDM scene in Tel Aviv?
    • Moscow, Russia
    • Goa, India
    • Ibiza, Ibiza
    • Los Angeles, California
  5. What is the name of the club that was bombed and then reopened for young teens to keep dancing in the aftermath?
    • The Discotech
    • The Get Down
    • House of Yes
    • The Dolphinarium
  1. When trying to explain why the Israeli club scene is so globally popular, Ari Shavit writes, “Perhaps it’s the wars, the pressure. Perhaps it’s the sea, the weather. The atmosphere, the attitude toward life. But what is clear is that the Israeli crowd has an amazing hunger like no other crowd anywhere.” Ask your students what Ari Shavit means by “hunger.” Ask your students why they think Israelis have such a hunger for EDM and dance clubs.
  2. Based on the tensions of Israel’s past history and politics, how is the Israeli EDM scene a direct response to the fragility of life felt by Israelis? Discuss.
  1. How do you think the EDM scene helps express one of the basic concepts of Zionism, i.e. self-determination? Ask your students to respond in a reflection vlog. You can use the free app flipgrid
  2. In a sharing circle, have your students each share a time in their lives in which they’ve allowed themselves to be vulnerable. Have them share the experience and how it made them feel.
  3. Give your students our Kahoot on Israeli Electronic Dance Music!
  1. Incredibly, Israelis took the angst and trauma they experienced from serving in countless, endless wars and channeled it into the creation of trance and other forms of EDM music. What are some ways you think you could take the challenges in your life and funnel them into something creative?
  2. Students can journal their reaction to the following quote from Dr. Brené Brown: “True belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world; our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” What about this quote resonates with you?
  3. What are some things you can learn about being present and fearless from the EDM scene in Israel? Have your students discuss in small groups and then share their thoughts.
  4. Nitsan Shor writes, “After the suicide bomber attack at the Dolphinarium disco, the club re-opened and the kids kept coming. It wasn’t heartlessness. It was saying, “No, you won’t stop me (from) living my life.” I think this is true Zionism.” Do you agree with Nitsan Shor? Why or why not?
  1. Jeffrey Hyman, “Get ready to party with Israel’s top eight DJs” 
  2. Nitsan Shor, “Dancing With Tears in Their Eyes”
  3. Ari Shavit, “My Promised Land,” Chapter 12

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