The Power of Judaism

Real-life stories on how timeless Jewish wisdom empowers and gives meaning to life

Young people seek meaning and ponder existential questions in a complicated world. They seek answers and clarity everywhere – from pop culture, social media, books, mentors and peers. Drawn from the teachings of the late Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, The Power of Judaism series invites students to discover where their timeless questions meet timeless Jewish tradition and teachings.

Two ways to bring these ideas to your students

Use the videos and accompanying resources below to spark discussion.

Download the expanded curriculum and take students on an in-depth journey.

Explore our newest expanded curriculum based on the teachings of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks and help your students discover the relevance of Judaism today.

Use individual videos

Each video of the series and accompanying educational resource invites students to look at what Judaism has to say about the issues of the day: the way we speak to one another, love, forgiveness, racism and more. These subjects are presented with sensitivity to evoke emotion, inspire reflection and encourage honest inquiry. 

Interpersonal communication

Justice and human dignity

Compassion and generosity

Personal development

Series Sponsors

Executive Producer
David Magerman

Financial support for this programming has been provided by
The Mayberg Foundation
David and Debra Magerman

Gold Level Sponsors
Sheryl & Gerald Hartman

Silver Level Sponsors
Crain-Maling Foundation

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