Israel History Month is Here!

Five huge events happened in November that defined Israel.

Bring them to life in your classroom with videos, lesson materials, and experiential activities.

Much more than just videos

Each video comes complete with questions for discussion, reflection and review, and suggestions for further reading, in addition to a themed experiential learning activity to supercharge your student activity. 

Bonus Game! Use these virtual bingo boards to engage your students in all of this material.

November 2, 1917

The Balfour Declaration

This 67-word declaration expressed the British government’s support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine, but why was it so ambiguous? Use this video and accompanying resources to get your students thinking about the power of words.

November 4, 1995

Yitzhak Rabin Assassination

No event has fractured Israeli society more than the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. To introduce this man of war — and peace — to your students, use the video and accompanying resources about his life and legacy to explore his importance with them.

November 10, 1975

‘Zionism equals racism’ UN resolution

Your students might know about the complicated relationship the United Nations has with Israel, but they may be surprised to discover it goes back decades. Use this video and accompanying resources to help explain why the ‘Zionism equals racism’ concept came about and the effect it continues to have.

November 21, 1984

Operation Moses

Operation Moses, the first large-scale rescue of Jews from Ethiopia, prompts a discussion about kibbutz galuyot (the ingathering of the exiles) to get your students thinking about the concepts of return, belonging and home in the State of Israel.

November 29, 1947

The Partition Plan

Had UN Resolution 181 been adopted in 1947, an Arab state (Palestine) would have been created alongside a small Jewish one (Israel). Utilize this video and its accompanying resources to raise the important issue of why a Palestinian state doesn’t exist and what actually happened to UN Resolution 181.

Three good reasons to participate in Israel History Month


Become part of a global Jewish movement

Join other schools across the world that care about Israel and are putting her story front and center this month.


Focus on Israel education all year round

Make Israel education an integral part of what you do throughout the year without changing your schedule or school culture.


You decide what and how to teach

Running the program is easy because you choose the context that works for your students. Use our materials in a Hebrew language class, a Jewish history class or school-wide virtual event.

Don’t wait until Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha'atzmaut to learn about Israel!

Make this November a month to focus on the incredible story of Israel with free films and activities.

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