Bring your classroom to life with videos and podcasts

There’s nothing like finding the perfect video or podcast that grabs your students’ attention. This is exactly the kind of content that arouses curiosity, inspires questions and gets your students excited about topics surrounding Israel and Judaism.

Full menu

Combine the full menu of resources for a complete lesson plan that will ensure a fully engaging classroom experience.
Every Unpacked for Educators video and podcast comes with a variety of tools to harness the enthusiasm your students will respond to and turn it into thought-provoking discussion and debate. These tools are available in PDF for easy offline use too.

  • REVIEW – By using the short teaser questions provided, you can cover the basics of the topic with your students in order to get the ball rolling.
  • DISCUSSION – The provided thought-provoking questions are sure to encourage honest dialogue with your students.
  • REFLECTION – Use the guided prompts and questions to inspire personal reflection. This can be used as an in-class assignment or homework for the students to reflect on and discuss together in the future.
  • ACTIVITIES – Use our personal favorite, Kahoot! games and other creative ideas to get students engaged. These activities are a great way to engage students who may not respond to traditional learning modules.
  • FURTHER LEARNING – Take advantage of further learnings on the topic by looking through the cultivated bibliography of resources and articles.

Fun games

Use the Kahoot! quizzes that accompany all of our videos to enhance either live or virtual class time. These games will create a more productive and fun learning experience. You can have your class watch the videos together or send video links for students to watch on their own time. Then play Kahoot! in the classroom or remotely.

Virtual screenings

Found the perfect video? Just copy the link to the YouTube video and share it with your students.
To do this, simply right click on the video thumbnail and select “copy video URL” then paste the link to an email, message or on a student portal, to share the link with your students..

No matter what kind of learning modules or resources you need, we’ve segmented our rich content portfolio so you can search and find whatever you are looking for easily, quickly and efficiently to best enhance the classroom experience.

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