Palestinian children purchase food from a street vendor next to a Hamas police station adorned with paintings of abducted Israeli solider, Gilad Shalit, and air force pilot, Ron Arad on March 29, 2010 in Jabaliya, Gaza Strip. (Photo by Warrick Page/Getty Images)

Why is Israel still searching for Ron Arad?

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We’re curious....

How far will the State of Israel go to bring back its missing soldiers? The answer is...very far. That was on display last week, when Prime Minister Naftali Bennett revealed that Mossad agents recently went on a mission to uncover new information about Ron Arad, an Israeli Air Force navigator who has been missing since 1986 and is presumed dead.

Announcing the operation in a speech at the Knesset, Bennett explained that freeing captives “is a Jewish value that became one of the holiest values of the State of Israel.” Th...

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