Harness the power of film to bring an authentic Israel story into your classroom.

Use social media to show your students that the best way to celebrate Israel is together.  

3 great films:


Hummus! The Movie

Run time: 70 min
$149 $ 500
Hummus! The Movie is a zesty exploration of the Middle East’s most popular comfort food. With its focus on the humble chickpea, it serves up a delicious, and unexpected, taste of IsraeIi diversity.   Fresh from the film festival circuit and available for the first time ever for your school.


Sustainable Nation

Run time: 23 min
$99$ 150

Sustainable Nation is the inspiring story of how Israeli visionaries are using technology to help tackle the world’s water crisis, one drop at a time.


Special Educational Version.


Beneath the Helmet

Run time: 30 min

This new shorter educational version of the original film is available for a limited time ONLY to mark the film’s 5-year anniversary.


An inspiring coming-of-age film about five Israeli soldiers. The lessons they learn along the way, are lessons that can be adapted, understood and appreciated by everyone.



Each purchase comes with:

A special edition Yom Ha’atzmaut
educator’s guide

Deepen students’ connection to Israel through discussions and activities. Connect students to Yom Ha’atzmaut in a fun, unique and educational way

Hi-resolution digital download film file

With a special celebratory message and call to action from Dr Noam Weissman, SVP of education at Jerusalem U.

Social media signs

Use the power of social media to unite Jewish students from around the world. Students will be able to see fellow students from Europe, South America, South Africa, Australia and other countries celebrating Israel together!

Have questions? Check out our FAQ.

As always, fill out the survey and get 50% of your money back!

special yom yerushalayim film

For a limited time only, show a film for Yom Ha’atzmaut and receive a film for Yom Yerushalayim FREE

Six-Day War Video

Run time: 36 min

Learn about the regional atmosphere leading up to the 1967 Six-Day War, the build-up to the war, its iconic battles and its resolution and aftermath.


Yom Yerushalayim marks a significant day in the religious and historical nature of the Jewish people in Israel, yet it also elicits different feelings and reactions for many Jews and Jewish communities throughout the world. The downloadable classroom materials combine film, journaling and discussion activities to engage your students with the magnitude and complexity of these six days of war.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I show the film multiple times to multiple classes?

Yes. The more the better!

Can I buy more than one film?


How do I participate in the social media campaign?

Open the screening kit and print the customizable signs BEFORE THE DAY OF THE PROGRAM. Once you’ve shown the film and had the discussion, students fill in the signs with the appropriate school name and location and take pictures of themselves holding the signs. Students should then take pictures holding the signs and then direct-message those pictures to @jerusalem_u on Instagram.    If you don’t want your students to use Instagram or allow them to have phones in school, you could take photos and add them to your school’s Facebook page.

Do I have to show the films on Yom Ha’atzmaut?

No, but we strongly recommend it. An integral part of this program is participating in a worldwide, unified celebration of Israel.

You can also show the films in the week before May 9 (Yom Ha’atzmaut) and during the week after.

Who can I contact for more information?

For any other questions, contact: programming@jerusalemu.org.

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