Addressing Jewish Identity on Campus in Today’s Tense Climate

How can we better prepare our students for life on campus and beyond? What do educators need to know?

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What you’ll learn

Where does today’s young Jew fit in on college campus? Today, it is increasingly challenging to have a real relationship with Israel while on campus. The many Jewish students who identify as progressive are wondering how to reconcile their progressive worldview while also being proud Zionists. In today’s political climate, they wonder how to be honest about Israel’s challenges yet deeply connected to the Jewish State. How can we better prepare our students for life on campus and beyond? What do educators need to know? Join OpenDor Media’s Noam Weissman in conversation with Zioness Founder and Executive Director Amanda Berman, who is a leading voice in these areas. 

What we’ll tackle

  • How are Israel and pro-Israel supporters viewed on campus?
  • What do we mean by pro-Israel and Zionist? What is the difference between the two?
  • Are Jews seen as powerful or powerless, as oppressors or the oppressed?
  • Should Jews be considered a minority in the 21st century?
  • Tips for preparing high school students for the reality on campus.

Noam Weissman, EdD

Senior Vice President of Education, OpenDor Media

Dr. Noam Weissman is a Senior Vice President at OpenDor Media. He leads the education vision and implementation at OpenDor Media with a special focus on the development of meaningful content and resources for students and educators. He holds a doctorate in educational psychology from USC with a focus on curriculum design.

Amanda Berman, JD

Founder and Executive Director, Zioness

Amanda runs the Zioness Movement, a new initiative empowering and activating Zionists on the progressive left to stand proudly in social justice spaces as Jews and Zionists. She is also a civil rights attorney who previously worked to provide pro bono legal representation to victims of anti-Semitism around the world. Amanda writes on Jewish and civil rights issues and is a media contributor across various media and outlets. 

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