The Cultural Diversity of Israel

From falafel to Fauda, Israel’s cultural landscape is more diverse than you think

What do you get when you mix a melting pot of Jewish immigrants from the four corners of the globe with generations of local Muslims, Christians and Druze? Add to the mix a capital that is holy to three major religions and a metropolis considered the ultimate LGBTQ vacation destination and it gets even more interesting!

Welcome your students to Israel and its rich cultural mosaic, so diverse that it defies definition.

Each video on popular, familiar Israeli icons digs deep into the underlying history and cultural context. Explore how the vibrant food scene, revitalization of Mizrahi music, TV programs, and the IDF, tell stories of historical, cultural and social importance that expose students to the real and rich diversity that is modern Israel.

Use the full program

The following resource pack contains programming activities, discussion questions and reflection questions to encourage discussion and exploration of the stories behind familiar Israeli icons.

Use individual videos

Each video is accompanied by educational resources. Engage your students in each of the compelling and interesting features of Israel’s diverse culture.  

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