UED Collaborative: Supplementary School Track

Transform Your Teaching Experience

Access premium educational resources, advance your knowledge and skills through professional development, and network with a national community of diverse supplementary school educators to further your school’s educational goals on Israel and Jewish education.

Program Description


3 professional development webinars with top leaders in the field of Israel and Jewish education


3 virtual meetups with UED educational experts and Collaborative members sharing best practices


Access to the Unpacked for Educators Collaborative online community platform

Grade Level

All Unpacked content is geared towards students in 5th grade and up

Full Access

Access to all of UED's premium educational content including: Curricular outlines, experiential learning activities, full-length feature films, coaching calls with our educational staff including a tour and training session on UED resources

Participation Standards

In order to participate, your school must:

  • Appoint two educators (minimum) in addition to an administrator/principal to represent your school in the program
  • Participate in all collaborative webinars during the year
  • Use UED resources at least twice a month within your classroom
  • Participate in Unpacked for Educators’ 2022-2023 educational programs including: November Israel History Month (November 2022) and Israel Pursuit (Yom Ha’atzmaut 2023)
  • Complete a formative mid-year survey and a summative end-of-the-year teacher and student survey
  • Participate in the UED Collaborative online community platform

Join the UED Collaborative's
Supplementary School Track

The annual program cost is $600

Apply for a year-long partnership program, engage with the Unpacked for Educators and Prizmah educational staff as well as with each other through webinars, collaboration and programming of the highest standard.

For more information, please contact us:

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Supported By

the Pincus Fund for Jewish Education, Israel

In Collaboration With

Herzog College/UnitEd