Unpacking the Essence of Israeli Culture

4-part Series
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Avi Posen

Assistant Director of Education

About this Class

Join Avi Posen for a 30-minute class taught directly to your students on the topic of unpacking major moments in Israeli history and culture, using our Unpacked videos.

Each class of this four-part series will be delivered online, with all students in your class participating. Each part of the series is standalone and will cover different materials. You can register for your class to join one of the sessions, or all of them. 

Session 1


Unpacking the origins and issues surrounding Israel’s National Anthem, “Hatikvah,”  why it is inspirational and considered controversial in modern Israeli society. Is it the perfect anthem for Israeli citizens, or is it time to consider a re-write?

Session 2

Israeli Hip Hop

Israeli hip hop has been a powerful tool for social change among Israelis of varying backgrounds. We will explore the history of some of Israel’s top Hip Hop artists and the impact they made on Israeli society.

Session 3

Mizrachi Music 

Mizrachi music started out in the underground, and eventually climbed to the top of the Israeli music charts. We’ll study how it helped bring out Israel’s diversity in its music scene, and has even had a political influence on the country.

Session 4

Ethiopian Jews

The story of the Ethiopian Jewish community, their origin, their journey to Israel and their integration into Israeli society is a story unlike any other. What does home really mean?

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