Using the Discover tool to bring media to your classroom

Exploring the Unpacked for Educators website has never been easier. From games about Passover rituals to clips on the origins of Israeli rock music, you can find anything and everything you need to teach your students about topics related to Judaism and Israel. All of this can be done simply by using our powerful filter function.

Pick a topic. Any topic.

The most common way to begin. First select the topic you need. For example, Jewish history. If you’re looking for something more specific, add an added filter layer such as Israeli current events or an upcoming holiday. Then, drill down to subcategories to fine-tune your search. Every topic you search will include resources in all available formats – videos, podcasts and articles.

Drill down 

To shake things up with your lesson plan, use the powerful filtering function to zero in on the ideal resource. You can also use the search for fun features, like Kahoot! games, or inspiring Eyewitness Accounts. This will help you create interesting and fully detailed lesson plans. Another option is to filter by a specific grade level and then drill down to specific titles or languages. 

Search everywhere

The search bar is always there to guide you in finding the topics you need whenever you need them. Using full-text searches will leave no stone unturned — from titles, to tags — so you won’t miss a thing.

No matter what you need or when, we’ve segmented our rich content portfolio so you can search and find whatever you are looking for easily, quickly and efficiently.

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