Teaching with Israeli Music Post Oct. 7th

If you want your students to understand the current mood in Israel, one of the best ways to do so is by listening to its music. Below is a collection of Israeli songs that have been released since October 7th. The songs cover various themes such as hope, despair, responsibility, victory and unity. Each hyperlink includes the lyrics in both Hebrew and English, the YouTube music video and student prompts to engage your students with. Some of the songs have explicit lyrics or images that are difficult to view which is indicated below.

  • Choose a song
  • Read through the lyrics in Hebrew, English or both
  • Listen to the song with your students or watch the accompanying YouTube video 
  • Use the provided prompts which are included within each individual PDF 

Listen to this playlist on Spotify.

Am Yisrael Chai – עם ישראל חי

Artist: Eyal Golan

Considered by many to be the anthem of Israeli society during the war, this song, by one of Israel’s greatest singers, is a call for unity, faith in God and a reminder of the eternal nature of the nation of Israel.

Zeh Aleinu (It’s on us) – זה עלינו

Artists: Subliminal, Hatzel & Raviv Kaner
(Explicit lyrics)

This hip hop song is performed by two of Israel’s “OG” rappers along with pop singer Raviv Kaner. The song, more militaristic in nature, calls for unity, the destruction of Hamas and a call to defend Israel for future generations, saying we will not forget, we will not forgive and “this is on us”.

Hashir Shel Noam (Noam’s Song) – השיר של נעם

Artists: Maor Ashkenazi & Noam Cohen
(Explicit lyrics)

This song is not an easy listen and the music video is not an easy watch (viewer discretion is advised). This is the only song on the list written by somebody who survived the October 7th massacre as Noam shares his story of survival at the Nova party in harrowing detail.

Moledet (Homeland) – מולדת

Artist: Hanan Ben Ari

Within a few weeks of October 7th, Hanan Ben Ari, one of Israel’s most popular artists released this emotional song in which he speaks directly to the Land of Israel saying that “even on the edge of the abyss, even in the middle of hell, you are heaven.” Ben Ari wrote that “this song is dedicated to my nation, the most beautiful nation in the world. Don’t watch the news, don’t tweet on Twitter. Go out to the streets and look. Am Yisrael Chai, remember?” 

Charbu Darbu (Swords and Strikes) – חרבו דרבו

Artist: Ness Ve Stilla
(Explicit lyrics)

This viral militaristic hip hop hit promises to rain fire on Israel’s enemies, capturing the emotions felt by many Israeli youth during the Israel-Hamas war. Along with being considered a war anthem by many, the song also made international headlines when it was wrongfully accused of supporting genocide (in reference to Amalek).

Choref 23 (The Winter of 23) – חורף 23

Artist: Odeya
(Explicit lyrics)

This song, whose title is inspired by the classic Yom Kippur War song Choref 73, tells the tale of the winter of 2023. Immediately after Oct. 7th, comparisons were made between the “conceptzia”, a mindset of overconfidence that led up to both the Yom Kippur War as well as October 7th. 

Am Echad (One Nation) – עם אחד

Artist: Ariel Zurayev

This powerful song of hope was released in the aftermath of October 7th and aims to unite the nation. The song went viral throughout Israel and throughout the Jewish world on YouTube and social media.

Giborei Al (Superheroes) – גיבורי על

Artist: Hatikva 6

This song celebrates the people of Israel as a nation of everyday superheroes. While Israelis might appear as ordinary individuals, whether they are students, teachers, lawyers, electricians, models or musicians. However, those same people are also serving in the IDF, prepared to defend their country at all times.

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