JERUSALEM – MARCH 20: Orthodox Jewish rabbis clean slaughtered chickens at the Jerusalem Chicken Factory March 20, 2006 in Jerusalem, Israel. Chickens are processed to make sure they are Kosher according to Jewish dietary laws. According to Israeli media, Bird Flu threatens about 40% of Israel’s poultry sector if the Avian Flu continues to depress sales. (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

Why the EU Decision to Uphold Ritual Slaughter Bans Isn’t Really About Animal Rights

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This Weekly is dedicated to Dr. Aviva Weisbord z’l, a courageous Jewish leader from a dynastic Jewish family. Dr. Weisbord passed away this past Shabbat. Though she lost her battle with COVID-19, she wrote an article a few months ago reminding us all of one of the silver linings of the coronavirus, saying, “We’ve pulled out of the rat race, becoming human beings instead of human doings.”

Though Dr. Weisbord is no longer among the living, let’s all internalize the life lessons she left us.

For today’s controversial topic, I thought it wou...

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