Unpacking the Haggada

4-part Series
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Dr. Noam Weissman

Senior Vice President of Education

About this Class

Join our SVP of Education, Dr. Noam Weissman for a 30-minute class taught directly to your students on the topic of unpacking the Haggada.

Each class of this four-part series will be delivered online, with all students in your class participating. Each part of the series is standalone and will cover different materials. You can register for your class to join one of the sessions, or all of them. 

Session 1

The Origins of the Pesach Seder 

How did we get to the seder? What is the origin of the order of everything? Did the rabbis invent it? What can we learn about Judaism from the Pesach seder?

Session 2

The Haggada as a Multimedia Experience 

The Haggada is an educational experience unlike any other. Why is the taste, the sound, and the feel crucial to Pesach night?

Session 3

Pesach and Resilience: The Haggada’s Secret to Overcoming Challenges

What can we learn about resilience from the Pesach story? How is the ability to rebound core to the Haggada and the Jewish experience? 

Session 4

The Haggada’s Response to Anti-Semitism

In an era where antisemitism is ubiquitous, how might the Haggada be able to instruct us about the Jewish response to anti-Semitism?

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