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Israel History Month

A webinar how-to explaining how to implement Israel History Month programming

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Israel Education is relevant year-round. This November, join schools around the world in celebrating what we’re calling “Israel History Month” with your students. It was in November that the groundwork was set for the new State of Israel with the passing of the UN Partition Plan, and it was in November that other major events took place, such as the Balfour Declaration, Operation Moses, and Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination. Using our Unpacked videos and educator guides, take 20 minutes to unpack a seminal event in Israel’s history in your classroom – we’ll show you how!


What we’ll tackle


  • Why learn about Israel in November?
  • How to participate in Israel History Month
  • How to use our videos and educator guides to create meaningful discussion and powerful learning activities

Elana Raskas, MA

Education Associate, OpenDor Media

Working closely with Dr. Noam Weissman, Elana creates content for Unpacked videos, articles and educational resources that impact high school and college students around the world. Before joining Unpacked in Israel, Elana taught high school Judaic Studies in the New York area and worked in several experiential Jewish Education settings.

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