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Educators love
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Liebler Yavneh

“I just wanted to say that the material is fantastic. I genuinely appreciate the effort and pedagogical expertise that goes into crafting these emails.”

Chaim Cowen

Deputy Principal, Liebler Yavneh

“The weekly emails provide thoughtful background and framing of current events, with creative suggestions on how to best engage our students about difficult questions surrounding Israel.”

Sarah Gordon

Director of Israel Guidance and Experiential Education, Ma'ayanot Yeshiva High School

“I not only receive the weekly newsletter, but I also READ it religiously, as opposed to many other e-messages I am overwhelmed with on a daily basis. The newsletter inspires us and my key colleagues who work with teens and young parents to introduce and to discuss various controversial subjects, while stimulating us intellectually and allowing us to grow Jewishly.”

Leonard Petlakh

Executive Director, Kings Bay YM-YWHA

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