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A Winning Way to Celebrate Israel's Independence Day

Now through April 27th

Watch the Israel Pursuit final live event

Israel Pursuit 2021

Can you believe this is our second Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration in the shadow of Covid? But don’t let that stop you from celebrating in a big way!

Israel Pursuit connects your students with others from around the world, educates them about Israel’s history and culture and actively engages them in a competition for exciting prizes.

Perfect for in-person or remote classrooms, the content and contests cover Israel’s history, culture and current events.

This year regional winners will come together for a live, online, celebrity-studded final tournament on Zoom for epic prizes.

Six Lessons

Three Winners

Ten Regions

Prepare To Be Challenged

Use these videos and podcasts on the culture, events, ideas and people that shape the modern State of Israel to prepare your students for trivia games. 

Lesson 1

Over just a few decades, Mizrahi music crossed cultural and social boundaries, introducing Israel’s diverse culture to the world. 

Lesson 2

What is Israeli food? What food is authentically “Israeli”? What does Israeli food teach us about Israeli culture and Jewish history?

Lesson 3

Explore one of Israel’s founding principles – the Law of Return. This law, which dates back to the earliest days of the State of Israel.

Lesson 4

Though just over 70 years old, Israel is known world-wide as the “Start-up Nation.” It has more start-up companies per capita than any other country. 

Lesson 5

Dive into the history of Israel’s iconic national anthem, HaTikvah. While may be familiar with these words, do they know their meaning, or the anthem’s complex backstory?

Lesson 6

Learn about the incredible feat (and ongoing story) that was the revival of the Hebrew language.


Sign up below to see the menu of materials that will prepare your students for the trivia challenge!

Regional Winners 2021

Our regional finalists are:

Canada – Emmanuel S.
U.S. East – Shaina E.
U.S. Midwest – Shayna R.
U.S. West – Lenny S.
U.K. – Emily L.
Israel – Maya K.
Asia – Chana Leah A.
Australia – Ariel B.
South Africa – Yehuda H.
Europe – Emma F.

Let the Games Begin!

Sign up now and start watching, listening and discussing everything Israel and Israeli to compete and send a winner to the live celebrity-studded Global Tournament of Champions on Zoom!

You're all set!

Start preparing your students with our six videos and podcasts.

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To start the Trivia Challenge, please send your students the following instructions:
  • Enter the challenge here or by entering 08025507 on the Kahoot! app.
  • You will be asked to enter your email address as an identifier, use your school email address.
  • For the Kahoot! nickname enter school name.first name (there is a max of 15 characters, so if school name doesn’t fit, use an acronym)
  • Only one entry per student is allowed into the Championship. If a player plays multiple games, their lowest score will be counted.

Got a question? Send us a message, or check out the FAQ.

Top Student

$500 prize to winning student with the top global score

Runner Up

$250 prize to student with second-top global score

Third Place

$100 prize to student with third-top global score

Top Student

Emmanuel S. from Hebrew Academy of Montreal

USD $500

Runner Up

Emily L. from Jewish Community Secondary School (JCoSS)

USD $250

Third Place

Emma F. from Lauder Javne Jewish Community School

USD $100

Trophy for the top student’s school

Important Dates

Now through April 4
Enjoy, engage and inspire students with four videos and two podcasts in the classroom

April 5
Receive link to regional Kahoot! game

April 5-16
Play the Kahoot! Global Trivia Challenge game in your remote or live classroom any time before April 16. Players are scored based on correct answers and the amount of time taken to complete the game. Students will compete against other students within their geographical region.

April 19
Announcement of the regional winners.
If one of your students is a winner, you will receive additional content to prepare him or her for the final live tournament.

April 19-26
The 10 regional winners will prepare for the live final event based on the additional videos and podcasts provided.

April 27 – Celebrity-Studded Live Tournament Event
All participants in the game are invited to watch and cheer for their favorite player or region. Join hundreds of schools around the world to celebrate Israel.

  • 12pm Pacific
  • 3pm Eastern
  • 8pm GMT
  • 10pm Israel
  • 7am Melbourne/Sydney (April 28)


All schools are eligible to register for Israel Pursuit. Once you sign up, share the four videos and two podcasts provided with your students. The questions in the regional games are based on these.

Each video and podcast is accompanied by educational resources that will inspire discussion while preparing for the regional game.

Educators who sign up will receive a link to the regional Kahoot! game. The game should be played anytime between April 5th and 16th.

Students participating in the Kahoot! game will be ranked based on the number of correct answers and the speed in which questions are answered. The top student in each of the 10 regions will win top Unpacked swag, be featured on our social media channels and will be invited to compete in the live, online, celebrity-studded Tournament of Champions Zoom event on April 27th.

A grand prize of $500 will be awarded to the winner of the Tournament of Champions. Second place prize is $250 and third place $100. The grand prize winner’s school will receive a customized trophy.

There is no minimum number of students. Each educator can share the Kahoot! Game with any students who wish to participate. Students compete with other students in their region for a place in the final live tournament.

Of course! We have a wide range of videos and resources for you to use for your curriculum. You can find them all here. Hope you can join next year!

You will receive an email early in the day on April 5th with a link to the game.

If you do not receive the link by April 6th, please contact and we will send it to you right away.

Yes, because you are using the Challenge mode where students are competing individually and not in a group game.

The regional game is the “challenge” version of Kahoot that lets students play simultaneously against all students in their respective region. Students will load the game on their devices and play on their own. Teachers should still set aside time to allow play during class. Students will be scored on speed and accuracy of answers.

This year, the final tournament of Israel Pursuit will be almost two weeks after Yom Ha’atzmaut giving you the freedom and flexibility to use our materials for your programs and prepare for the event at the same time.

Of course! The final live event will be fun-filled with celebrities from Israel. You and your students are sure to have a blast watching and cheering from you screens to see who takes home the grand prize. 

We are happy to help! Please contact and we will walk you though any questions or issues.

In Partnership With

This project was made possible thanks to the generous support of:

Chaya Tova & David Hartman
Barbara & Sid Sobel

Yom Ha’atzmaut 2020 Highlights









Over 12,500 students from 200 schools in nine countries participated in the 2020 Global Trivia Challenge. Winners from Florida, New York and Moscow took home cash prizes and trophies.

Israel Pursuit 2021 Rules


  • This game is intended for — and will draw its winners from — middle school and high school students anywhere in the world.
  • Educators must sign up students for participation in the game using the form on the game landing page

Playing the Regional Game

  • Students must enter in school name.first name and their email address when registering to play in the regional Kahoot! challenge. (This is crucial to being identified as a winner.)
  • This game is a “challenge” version of Kahoot! and is played by the students on their own devices. 
  • The teacher can set up a time for everyone to play simultaneously, or allow students to play individually. 
  • Please play the game as you would take a test. No other materials or outside help is allowed. 
  • Questions in the Kahoot! will be taken from the four videos and two podcast episodes provided; no other source materials are needed.
  • Scores from all the games across each region will be compiled at the end of the play period.
  • The game will be open for play from April 5th through April 16th.
  • Students may only play the regional game one time. If a student plays multiple games, their lowest score will be counted.

Regional Winners

  • The regional winners will be selected based on highest scores across all of the games played during the competition period in each region. 
  • Winners will be announced via email on April 19th, 2021.
  • Finalists will be notified via direct email. Teachers of the finalist students will also be notified.
  • Finalists will be sent additional videos to watch and podcast episodes to listen to in preparation for the championship round.
  • We will request a short video and a picture of each finalist to be featured on our social media channels. Sending the short video and picture will be affirmation of consent by the finalist to be featured on the Unpacked social media channels. 

Live Championship Round

  • The regional finalists will then compete in a live event over zoom on April 27th at 3pm Eastern Time.
  • The first-place winner will receive $500, the second-place winner will get $250, while the third-place winner will enjoy $100.
  • The school of the first-place winner will receive a trophy and be celebrated on social media. 

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