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Connect your students with Jewish heritage and history through “The Jewish Story Explained” video series. This 42-episode series (3 seasons) tackles 3,000 years in 10-minute increments, from biblical times to the modern State of Israel. 

As always, Unpacked for Educators provides educational resources to accompany each video. The series will cover the:  Biblical Era, Second Temple to Jewish Dispersal, Middle Ages. Modern Era and Contemporary Era.

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Topics & Release Schedule

Easily coordinate your course with videos and resources as we release them. Season one covers ancient Israel from the biblical era through the rise of Christianity, focusing broadly on the themes of becoming a nation, dissent and unity and the rise of antisemitism.

Episode Video Topic Expected Educational Resource Release Date
1 Patriarchs & Matriarchs Available Now
2 Joseph & Brothers Available Now
3 Moses & Exodus Available Now
4 Israelites in Israel Available Now
5 United Monarchy Available Now
6 Kingdom Divided Available Now
7 Exile and the Lost Tribes of Israel Available Now
8 The Judean Expulsion to Babylonia Available Now
9 Ezra and Nehemia - The return Available Now
10 Hanukkah, Hellenization and Hasmoneans Available Now
11 Roman Empire in Israel - Part 1 Available Now
12 Roman Empire in Israel - Part 2 Available Now
13 Hillel and Shammai and the Mishnah Available Now
14 Development of the Talmud Available Now
15 Christianity & the Jews Available Now


Middle Ages through the beginnings of Zionism

World War One through the current day

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