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Zionism Revisited

Develop your students’ understanding of the legacy and relevance of Zionism by exploring the people, ideas, and events that have shaped the modern Zionist movement’s complexity and achievements. 


The Power of Judaism

Take your students on an in-depth journey to discover what Jewish tradition says about topics they are already thinking about: racism; love; the power of words; how to have a healthy disagreement; and what “success” really means.


Israel: Ascending Level of Sophistication

For educational institutions that want to teach about Israel in a way that prepares students to tackle controversial issues in a developmentally and psychologically healthy way.


The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

For educational institutions who wish to teach about the Israel-Palestinian conflict in a way that will resonate deeply, through intellectually and emotionally honest educational exploration rather than indoctrination.


Israel by Decade

For educational institutions that want to teach modern Israeli history chronologically we have mapped the key events so you can take your students on a journey through time.


Jewish History

Teach the Jewish story from the Biblical era to the start of Christianity and introduce your students to the deep impact and inherent tensions in each time period.

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