Author: Noam Weissman

Educating Towards Empathy and Awareness

We have the opportunity to teach the generation of Jewish young people we are educating now to be neither brutal nor naïve. Let’s use the case studies of Fadi Quran and the student government at Berkeley to explore how.

A Model for Mock Elections

With Israel’s national elections just three weeks away, it’s time to get students thinking: Who would they vote for? What major issues are center stage in this election? Who are the different parties, and what are their platforms? How would they make informed decisions about future Israeli leaders?

Rep. Ilhan Omar on AIPAC

Democratic representative from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar, created a stir with her tweets. She insinuated that AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) pays American politicians to support Israel, invoking the age-old anti-Semitic trope that Jews control the world with money.

Eurovision on Shabbat

This week, we tackle the internal Israeli controversy surrounding potential Eurovision Song Contest competitors. Do you know what happened? What do your…

Israel’s Purpose

Let me ask you a question: Why should the State of Israel exist? What’s the point? This question is not rhetorical. And the answer to this question is not necessarily self-evident.

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