Author: Noam Weissman

Ehud Barak is Re-entering Israeli Politics

Barak, the most decorated officer and longest-serving IDF chief of staff in Israeli history, served as prime minister from 1999-2001 and defense minister (under Ehud Olmert and Benjamin Netanyahu) from 2007-2013.

The Bahrain Conference, June 2019

President Donald Trump’s senior advisor and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, led a “Peace to Prosperity” workshop in Manama, Bahrain. The workshop intentionally focused on the economic, rather than political, aspects of the Middle East.

Learning Empathy from Leaders

Today’s weekly on the recent interview of Professor Mohammed Dajani Daoudi and Yossi Klein Halevi by David Horovitz is a unique opportunity to explore more about Klein Halevi’s book Letters to my Palestinian Neighbor, as well as explore the fascinating story of Dajani Daoudi.

Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem

A gay pride parade in Jerusalem? How did the Jewish capital go about this? Should it have happened? Why or why not? What educational challenges and opportunities does this parade bring?

Israeli National Elections 2.0

Elections in Israel are happening again. For real. Why? What happened? What are different Israeli leaders saying about it? How should we discuss the elections again with our families, students, congregants and colleagues?

The Deeper Meaning of Jerusalem Day

Yom Yerushalayim, or Jerusalem Day, is the anniversary of the liberation/conquering/re-unification (depending on your perspective) of Jerusalem under Jewish sovereignty that took place during the Six-Day War.

How to Teach “The Nakba”

Therefore, in a world in which our students, the youth, will invariably come to hear about Nakba Day, or the day commemorating what Palestinians call “the Catastrophe,” the question should be how should we teach about this event.

Israel Hosts Eurovision

Is Eurovision in Israel actually a distinct expression of Zionism? It depends. If Israel was created in order to normalize the Jewish people, then it is actually a great articulation of Zionism.

Episodes of Anti-Semitism in America

The “paradox” of Israel’s revival is that it has been accompanied by an ongoing rise in anti-Semitism. The extreme right, the extreme left, and extremist Islam agree on only one thing: hatred of the Jews.

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