Author: Noam Weissman

Israel and Iran: From Allies to Archenemies

With the release of the popular Israeli TV series Tehran and recent tension between the two countries, we break down the history of the relationship between Israel and Iran, the Iran nuclear deal, and what this means for Israel today.

Making Aliyah: To Stay or to Go?

With a large number of new immigrants slated to move to Israel in the coming 18 months, we delve into the topic of Aliyah, the Law of Return, and what it all means to the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

The War With No Name: Sacrifice and Empathy

Inspired by Matti Friedman’s new docuseries about the “War with No Name” (Israel’s presence in Lebanon from 1983 to 2000) and PTSD month, we provide our film When The Smoke Clears to engage your students.

New Israeli Government – Unity or Mutiny?

Want to teach your students about the new Israeli government and what it means for Israel? We’ve got you covered in the Weekly as we unpack it all for you, in addition to bringing you educational resources.

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